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Nice to meet you.

We are the Hernandez family.  We are a small family owned and hard working team.  We are so honored to earn your repeat business.


We offer all our clients customized solutions to fit their individual business needs. We specialize in providing green cleaning services to all our customers.

 Working with Simple Green Cleaning Services allows you to meet your fiscal goal while working with a janitorial service that is respectful to your needs, the dignity of the labor of our employees, all while using eco-friendly products that create a safe workplace for your employees, your guests, students, office workers, and you! Commitment to a job well done, integrity, and sustainability are the basis for what we do. We offer our janitorial cleaning services to commercial properties, educational institutions, medical/health care facilities, as well as office buildings and fitness facilities.

Besides our expertise in commercial cleaning, certifications, and embracing newer technologies such as computerized quality control, time keeping, and task scheduling systems we simply take pride in delivering Spotless results. We love shiny surfaces more than you do.

A clean office is a productive office. Keep your employees happy, healthy and productive with our  cleaning services. We provide everything from restroom sanitation and desktop disinfecting to trash removal and floor cleaning. Employees will enjoy working in a clean environment.

To accomplish this aim, we uphold our vision of green cleaning, promoting sustainable practices at affordable prices. We use only biodegradable products that are environmentally friendly and refrain from jeopardizing your health. Certain cleaning products release harmful chemicals into your house which triggers a cycle of environmental pollution. Not only do those products affect your living space, they contaminate our planet.  We ensure our cleaning technologies and solutions are certified and approved by Green Seal, Eco Logo, and other environmentally friendly organizations.

Our Services
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